Voice. Unions give workers real and meaningful voice in how the company operates. Unions give you a powerful voice in determining the future of your working conditions as well as the shape of the company as important job creators in our society.

Community. By organizing, you’ll join tens of thousands of  workers in a variety of sectors to improve their working conditions. Your union here at Hyundai / Mobis aims to build relationships across the company premised on the foundation of workers supporting workers.

Power. Without collective bargaining, Hyundai / Mobis decides your conditions unilaterally. With collective bargaining, you can negotiate as equals, use your voice to change the direction of Hyundai / Mobis, and ensure workers’ contribution to the success of the company is compensated and respected.

  • UAW auto workers are the best compensated autoworkers in the US.
  • Through collective bargaining UAW workers gained continue to maintain 100% employer paid heath care premiums.
  • During the recession UAW workers negotiated a formula that over the last few years has earned them record profit sharing checks
  • Joining other UAW auto worker makes us all stronger.

Learn more about the UAW, here.

UAWHyundai / Mobis Workers United is an organization of auto workers joining together to build power, create a democratic workplace, and negotiate to improve your working conditions and secure those conditions in a binding contract that cannot be unilaterally changed by the company. You and your coworkers will determine democratically your priorities and leaders.

  • You and your coworkers will elect a bargaining committee from among your worker community.
  • You and your coworkers will fill out bargaining surveys to tell the elected bargaining committee what matters to you, such as quality healthcare for you and your children.
  • You and your coworkers will vote to ratify an initial bargaining agenda the elected committee develops based on your survey feedback.
  • When your elected bargaining committee reaches a ‘tentative agreement’ with Hyundai / Mobis, you and your coworkers will vote whether to approve that agreement as your first contract.
  • If you and your coworkers ratify the contract, you will then elect leaders to run your union and to help ensure that your contract is enforced.

Often during organizing drives the boss will talk about strikes to scare workers. Striking is a last resort as a tactic and is rare but the boss knows that it is a workers most powerful tool. If workers withhold their labor the boss makes no money. Workers at Hyundai / Mobis have expressed interest in reinstating lost benefits and improving their work life by working with the company not by striking.

Signing an authorization card means you want to stand with your coworkers to gain a real voice in your workplace. Collecting authorization cards is a necessary step to be recognized as a union.

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Dues are 2.5 hours pay per month after workers vote to accept your first contract.

Have a question that’s not covered above? Fill out this contact form and your email will go to a UAW organizer who can answer questions. Your questions are confidential.